Memorial Day Parade

28th Annual Memorial Parade Photo Gallery

Save the Date: 28th Annual Memorial Day Parade



“The Canoga Park • West Hills Chamber is pleased to welcome all participants to the 28th Annual Memorial Day Parade. This year we bring all the tradition along with some new ideas to make the parade safe and fun as we remember those that gave their lives for our freedom.”

– Canoga Park • West Hills Board of Directors

“Saluting the Price of Freedom” Floats, Music, People & Pure Fun!


Monday, May 29, 2017
Opening Ceremony – 10:00am
Parade – 11:00 am
On Sherman Way, starting at Owensmouth through Mason


Memorial Day Parade Float with a ship motifFLOATS

A mobile patriotic show! The Parade welcomes businesses, Chambers of Commerce, Neighborhood Councils, and Community Organizations, to enter a float. If you are a business think about reaching out to a non-profit group and sponsoring their float!

Memorial Day Parade marching bandMUSIC

Brings a parade to life! Bands or choral groups may either march or ride. Help us with the music and reach out to your school, church, military and community organizations with bands. The music, whether vocal or instrumental, must be patriotic and consistent with the USA parade theme.

People take part in the Memorial Day ParadePEOPLE

Our pride is shown with every participant. People, young and old, marching or riding in the parade, all are a fitting tribute to the families who have sacrificed their loss for our freedom! Groups will have an opportunity to do a short performance during pre-planned parade stops along the parade route.




27th Annual Memorial Day Parade Photo Gallery

Memorial Day Parade Rules and Regulations

All parade entries shall abide by the following:

      • To receive all benefits, this application form and entry fee must be submitted in full no later than May 1st, 2017. The number of parade entries is limited and shall be reviewed in the order they are received.
      • The Parade Committee will review all parade entries and reserves the right to refuse participation in the parade. All denied applications shall be returned along with any entry fees submitted. The Parade Committee decision is final.
      • Applications that are accepted shall be confirmed by letter along with more detailed instructions for the day of the Parade. All parade entries must be paid in full and in compliance with the Rules & Regulations on the day of the Parade.

Parade Route, Registration, Staging, and Disbursement

      1. The Parade will be held on Monday, May 29, 2017 and will be conducted regardless of rain.
      2. Parade begins at 11:00 AM on Memorial Day. Any unit not registered and in the staging area by 10:00 AM will be excluded.
      3. The Registration Table is located on the northeast corner of Sherman Way and Owensmouth. Check-in begins at 8:30 AM and closes promptly at 10:00 AM.
      4. The parade begins at the intersection of Sherman Way and Owensmouth Ave. The parade ends at the First Baptist Church of Canoga Park at Sherman Way and Cozycroft Ave.
      5. All parade entries shall be given a unit identification number card. Each parade entry shall provide a Parade Marshall who will walk with the identification number on the north side of the street 10 yard ahead of their entry. The identification number allows Parade Announcers to speak knowledgeably about your entry at various points along the parade route.
      6. All parade entries are expected to complete the entire parade route. Parade entries shall maintain their designated position in the parade. To maintain a consistent flow the gap between entries shall be limited to no more than 20 yards.
      7. To maintain the parade flow, there will be absolutely no performing during the parade route. Participants may perform at pre-assigned time after the parade (Post Parade Celebration). Contact the Chamber Office for your assigned performance time.

Parade Attire, Decorations, Behavior

      1. All parade entries must be in costume or uniform or proper attire in the spirit of the parade theme. Parade Operations Staff shall inspect all clothing and decorations.
      2. Flags, colors, and music used by participants and entries represent the USA only. Parade entries not in compliance will be disqualified from judging and may be removed from the parade.
      3. Any parade entry consisting solely of advertising or expressed political viewpoints will be disqualified and removed from the Parade. No political groups or causes will be allowed in the Parade.
      4. The distribution, throwing, or handing out of any items subject but not limited to: literature; product samples, fruits, candy; gifts; etc. to spectators along the parade route is strictly prohibited.
      5. Public Address Systems; megaphones; or other devices to amplify sound are strictly prohibited unless used for patriotic music, parade theme, or group presentation announcements (no company solicitation) along the parade route.

General Rules & Regulations

      1. Floats must meet LA Fire Department Safety Code as per L.A.M.C. SEC 57.22.05
      2. Sponsor advertising on floats is limited to 25% of the total verbiage used on the float.
      3. All vehicles must comply with DMV regulations and be street legal.
      4. All parade entries are responsible for their own liability insurance for all person(s), vehicles(s), equipment, and other property used in the
      5. The Parade Committee, the Canoga Park • West Hills Chamber, and Board of Directors is not responsible for the improper statements, remarks, or false unit designations made by parade entries.

Entrance Fees

      1. Cars/Motorcycles/Vehicles – $125.00 up to 10 cars (additional cars $10.00 each)
      2. Equestrian Units – $125.00 up to 15 horses (additional horses $5.00 each)
      3. Floats – $100.00
      4. Bands and Choral Groups – $100.00
      5. Marching Organizations* – $100.00 up to 30 participants (additional $5.00 each). Marching Organizations are community groups that walk the parade route. These groups may perform for the spectators only during official parade stops.

*Marching Organizations are community groups that walk the parade route. These groups may perform for the spectators only during official parade stops.


Equestrian Units will be judged in an official manner based on the category selected by the entry. All other entries will be judged by community leaders. Judging is based on the best interpretation of the this year’s parade theme “Saluting the Price of Freedom”. Awards will be given in the following parade categories; Car Clubs, Vehicles, Floats, Bands and Choral Groups; Marching Organizations.


Memorial Day Parade 2017 Questions & Sponsor Registration

Who Hosts the Parade?

The local stores, businesses, and organizations that are Members of the Canoga Park • West Hills Chamber of Commerce host the Memorial Day Parade. While the Chamber is responsible for Parade marketing and operations it is truly an effort of many organizations in our area and surrounding communities.
The theme of the Parade “Saluting the Price of Freedom” and we welcome communities and businesses outside of Canoga Park and West Hills to participate with bands, floats, and sponsorship.

How is the Parade Financed?

The Memorial Day Parade is a great family event that involves marketing, operational and administrative costs. Much of the work done for the Parade is done by volunteers but there are some expenses that are unavoidable. That is why we have a nominal charge for Parade Entries and seek individual small business sponsorships to offset costs. We also seek corporate sponsorships so we can give back to the community and make each Parade experience better every year.

Individual & Small Business Sponsorships

The following sponsorships are affordable and allow everyone the opportunity to join us as a Memorial Day Parade Sponsor. This is a local event with over 30,000 spectators and national recognition. We hope you agree and will help us keep this honorable event a tradition in Canoga Park.

VIP Parade Ticket

Memorial Day Parade Sponsor

Double-Sided Parade Lamppost Banner

Memorial Day Parade Sponsor

Ad in the Parade Program

Memorial Day Parade Sponsor

Freedom Sponsor – $100

  • Featured in the Commemorative Memorial Day Parade Program
  • 1 VIP Parade Ticket

Independence Sponsor – $300

  • Featured in the Commemorative Memorial Day Parade Program
  • 2 VIP Parade Tickets
  • (1) Double-Sided Parade Lamppost Banner

Centurion Sponsor – $500

  • 1/6 Page Ad in the Commemorative Memorial Day Parade Program
  • 2 VIP Parade Tickets
  • (1) Double-Sided Parade Lamppost Banner
  • Announcement from five Parade Audio Stations prior to a designated Parade Entry

Liberty Sponsor – $1000

  • 1/4 Page Ad in the Commemorative Memorial Day Parade Program
  • 4 VIP Parade Tickets
  • (2) Double-Sided Parade Lamppost Banner
  • Announcement from five Parade Audio Stations prior to a designated Parade Entry
  • One Entry in the Parade

Please contact Rene Carrion or Mark Neudorff via email: